Landscape—Sunny Kim - Poster


Sunny Kim reconfigures a certain absurdity in nostalgia formed through lost memories and reminiscence. The artist’s realm of ‘remembrance’ is an artificially created scope of memories based on a close interaction of various elements such as movies and fiction, photographs and music, paintings and poetry. As if a movie still, the characters hover toward a perfect image, existing neither in the past nor present, within a fabricated space or time. Since 2012, she has been exploring the perception of painting by relocating on the stage basic genres such as the still life, landscape and portrait.
In ‘Landscape,’ where the landscape itself is a protagonist, no longer the background, Sunny Kim calls the girls in uniform on to the stage. Between a projected landscape and a structural element, they stroll amongst a tree and a pond, reenacting their pose from paintings or reciting traditional poetry (Kim Satgot 1807-1863). The girls in the ‘Landscape’ begin their journey towards a nature which undergoes an autonomous discovery and renewal, not merely existing as an object of glorification. Is it possible to discover our own self projected on to nature in this journey with the girls?

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