BAAN* studio is a working space of Sungyeol Kim**, graphic designer. It has been collaborated with various institutions*** in art field, artists, and curators since 1997. 

1. A principle of dialectic: antithesis
2. One of two equal parts that together makes up a whole
3. A subgroup: a group that is part of the larger group
4. As a preposition, the opposite of
5. As a preposition, almost the same but only different
6. As a verb, being attracted to something such as the opposite sex or an occasion
7. As an adjective, having a bright light coming in amongst darkness
8. As a verb, to opposite or object

Born in Seoul, Korea. Studied printmaking in Hongik University, fine arts in Seoul Arts High School.

Among the major institutions are Artsonje Center, Artsonje Museum (Gyeongju), Samsung Museum of Arts, Ilmin Museum of Arts, Daelim Museum of Contemporary Arts, Mongin Art Center, Kukje Gallery, PKM Gallery, Sungkok Museum of Art, Atelier Hermes, One & J Gallery, Insa Art Center, and ARKO Art Center.

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Buam-dong 208-42, Jongro-gu, Seoul [110-817]
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Tel. 02-737-1997 Fax. 02-737-1992
[email protected]
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